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Entrees - Non - Vegetarian

Mixed Entree For 2

Samosa, Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Aloo Tikki (2 pieces each).
$ 17.00

Bhune Lamb Cutlets (3 pcs)

Heart- smart Lamb cutlets seared with fresh garlic ginger in aromatic staranise cinnamon marinade.
$ 12.50

Seekh - E - Dumpukht (4pcs)

Exquisitely prepared mince lamb kebab flavoured with mace & jennel hand-rolled and skewered in tandoor.
$ 9.90

Bhatti Da Murga (4 pcs)

Tandoori chicken a perennial favourite, chicken on bone in potent ‘n’ marinade tandoori herbed yoghurt.
$ 10.00

Chicken Tikka Bollywood (4 pcs)

Succulent chicken thigh fillet in fresh ground meld of yoghurt chilli and garlic golden glazed.
$ 9.90

Banana Leaf Fish

An authentic Parsi delicacy where fish ling fillets are marinated with mint paste and steamed in banana leaves.
$ 14.90

Malai Boti

Succulent pieces of chicken marinated with cream, cheese and spices, cooked in tandoor.
$ 11.90

Chilli Chicken

Boneless chicken pieces cooked in garlic, capsicum, onion, tomato, herbs and fresh chilli.
$ 14.90

Chicken Lollipop (3 pcs)

Succulent chicken dumplets infused with cottage cheese, cashews and ground spices and then deep fried.
$ 10.90

Tandoori Pomfret Fish (1 piece)

Popular Indian dish marinated in traditional spices. Grilled in tandoor.
$ 14.90

Kamasutra Prawns (6pcs)

Juicy prawns in aphrodisiacal panch poran spices, chilli ginger marinade. Deep fried.
$ 12.50

Koliwada Macchi Fry

Fish ling fillets deep fried in chef’s punjabi spices, crushed pomegranate & ajwain.
$ 12.50

Entrees - Vegetarian

Malai Samosa (2 pieces)

Fennel pomegranate sultana spiced potatoes and peas in flaky pastry.
$ 7.00

Chatpate Alootikki

Lightly spiced potato patties and sweetened yoghurt, tamarind chutney, chaat masala, chickpeas & fresh herbs.
$ 8.90

Tandoori Paneer

Indian cottage cheese spiced with pickling spices in chef’s special tandoori masala.
$ 10.00

Palak Patta Chaat

Spinach leaves in crispy batter drizzled with roasted cumin, black salt, tamarind, infused yogurt.
$ 8.90

Onion Bhajiya

Onion ring fritters in spiced chickpea batter recipe.
$ 8.90

Paneer Pakora

Paneer Pakora is a delicacy! Marinated paneer (Indian cheese) dipped in a batter and fry makes a crispy, mouth-watering appetizer.
$ 9.50

Ricotta Cheese Roll (3 pcs)

A tasty mouth full of fresh ricotta cheese cooked to perfection.
$ 9.90

Chilli Paneer

Fresh cottage cheese cooked with capsicum, hot and spicy chillies. (Indian Style Chinese).
$ 12.90

Tawa Mushroom

Mushroom cooked on hot plate with semi dry masala gravy.
$ 10.90

Papdi Chaat

Crispy chips served with some boiled chickpeas, potatoes, chopped onions, spices, tamarind and mint sauce topping and yogurt.
$ 9.90


Seafood Mollee

A coastal seafood delight handpicked fresh prawns baby squid, juicy scallops & ling fish fillets simmered in a sauce of ground coconut, turmeric and fennel curry leaves.
$ 23.90

Prawn Tamarindi Chemmeen

Speciality from the fishing village near Cochin, prawns marinated in tamarind ‘n’ kokum jus simmered in delicate coconut spiced gravy with shallots, curry leaves, mustard & coriander.
$ 19.00

Five Spice Garlic Prawns

King prawns marinated in lemon juice, ginger & garlic and cooked in 5 spice special sauce, garnished with sesame seeds.
$ 19.00

Fisherman’s Meen Chaaru

Ling fish fillets marinated in lime juice, turmeric water and garlic, delicately cooked in a sauce of fresh tamarind, seasoned with aromatic curry leaves mustard seeds and coconut slivers.
$ 19.00

Fish Mumtaz Mahal

A favourite dish of Emperor Shahjahan created specially to woo his queen Mumtaz. He also built the Taj Mahal for her. A very rare curry with ling fish fillets, HOT with chillies, SWEET with jaggery & SOUR with tamarind ‘n’ lemon juice. Unique blend of HOT SWEET SOUR.
$ 19.00

Goan Prawn Curry

Enjoy a taste of Goa with Mantra's flavourful prawns braised in a fragrant spiced coconut gravy.
$ 19.00

Tawa Jhinga Masala

Gourmet delight prawns delicacy cooked in makhani gravy flavoured with fennel, ajwain and hand pounded spices.
$ 19.00


Butter Chicken Makhanwala

Tandoori chicken tikka (boneless) in buttery tomato makhani sauce, flavoured with fenugreek and saffron.
$ 17.90

Chicken Tikka Masala

Grilled chicken tikka in rich bhuna authentic masala gravy with tomato, fenugreek, onion and capsicum.
$ 17.90

Chicken Pepper Cheetinaad

Chicken thigh fillets in coconut pepper sauce, flavoured with mustard seeds and curry leaves.
$ 17.90

Chicken Mango Belliram

Recipe of Lahore's master chef Belliram, undisputed king of punjabi cooking. Chicken fillets cooked in freshly churned yoghurt, mango and cashew nuts.
$ 17.90

Murghan Qurma Pistachio

Chicken breast morsels braised in concentrated pistachio paste finished in an intoxicating korma sauce of myriad spices. Jewel of gravies.
$ 17.90

Chicken Hariyali

Delicately spiced chicken fillets simmered in an aromatic green herbs, roasted cashew and almond based sauce, garnished with almond flakes.
$ 18.90

Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken cooked in hot Portuguese Sauce, tangy and delicious with blend of aromatic spices.
$ 17.90

Chicken Saag Sarsonwala

Chicken marinated in chef’s special herbs and served in fresh spinach puree.
$ 17.90

Chicken Korma

Mughalai style chicken dish cooked in cashew, butter & mild sauce garnished with nuts.
$ 17.90

Junglee Murgi

Chef's favourite spicy chicken curry that you will love!
$ 17.90


Lamb Roganjosh

A classic kashmiri dish cooked with diced lamb in rich onion, little fresh tomato and fresh coriander.
$ 17.90

Korma Lamb Avadhi

Most famous dish of royals of avadha - diced lamb simmered in rich almond and cashew based creamy sauce with raisins and mixed fruit salad.
$ 17.90

Subj Lamb Gosht

Perfect combination of lamb, zucchini, peas, mushrooms and fresh seasonal vegetables in a light ginger, onion and tomato base gravy.
$ 17.90

Lamb Saag Sarsonwala

Lamb marinated in chef’s special herbs and served in fresh spinach puree.
$ 17.90

Raan e Mantra

Diced leg of lamb marinated in garam masala cooked over a gentle flame in intensely aromatic gravy spiked with nutmeg.
$ 24.50

Goat Curry on the Bone

Home-style cooked goat curry is one of the best seller of all time.
$ 17.90

Lamb Vindaloo

Diced pieces of lamb cooked in hot Portuguese sauce.
$ 17.90


Beef Pasanda Payaras

Tender beef cubes in a traditional masala rich sauce with Hyderabadi Spices and green herbs , simmered in payaras.
$ 17.90

Beef Konju Nariyal Masala

A thrilling beef dish cooked slowly in coconut & tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.
$ 17.90

Beef Vindaloo

Fabulously fiery flavour of the old Portuguese settlement at Goa. Hot tangy and delicious. A superbly balanced flavour of aromatic spices.
$ 17.90

Peanut Beef

Crunchy peanuts bring out the tenderness of beef fillets in a creamy sauce.
$ 17.90

Beef Balti

Succulent diced beef tossed with onions and bell peppers served in chef special balti sauce. Balti originates from the highlands of Kashmir.
$ 17.90


Malai Kofta Dhoopchaon

Spinach and cottage cheese dumplings in light creamy sauce with cashew and raisins.
$ 16.90

Paneer Tawa Masala

Cottage cheese cubes simmered in buttery tomato makhani gravy flavoured with ajwain.
$ 16.90

Kadhai Paneer

The “piece de resistance” dish is chilli hot, semi dry & colourful cottage cheese cubes cooked in kadai gravy with whole red chillies, capsicum, fenugreek & coriander.
$ 16.90

Baigan Khatte Meethe

Plumped aubergines cooked in a ground paste of coriander seeds, chilli & tamarind mixed with yoghurt served semi dry in sweet & sour spicy masala.
$ 16.90

Palak Paneer

Homemade cottage cheese tossed with onions, ginger, cumin, tender spinach leaves pureed & sundried fenugreek leaves.
$ 16.90

Subj Masala Pachchadi

Mixed seasonal vegetables in a thick coconut flavoured, yoghurt based curry with cashew nuts turmeric and curry leaves.
$ 16.90

Navrattan Korma

A seasonal mix of fresh vegetables. Exotic korma dish cooked with saffron & almonds in rich cashew sauce with fruit salad.
$ 16.90

Bombay Aloo Chutneywale

Potatoes cooked in onion and tomato gravy with cumin and coriander spiced chutney.
$ 16.90

Dingri Dulma

A colourful duet of mushrooms and cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes, shahi jeera, yoghurt & fresh green herbs.
$ 16.90

Daal Makhni

Mix of yellow and black lentils tempered with garlic onions & cumin.
$ 12.90

Dhal Tadka

Yellow lentils tempered with cumin seeds, onion, green chillies and finished with coriander (Popular North Indian Dish).
$ 12.90

Bhindi Do Piazza

Garden fresh okra cooked with sautéed with onions, tomatoes & fresh ginger.
$ 17.90

Shahi Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked slowly in a mild tomato and creamy sauce, tempered with homemade spices.
$ 17.90

Subj Kaju Thoran

Seasonal vegetables, beans, peas, cashew nuts tempered with coconut, curry leaves and mustard leaves.
$ 16.90

Mattar Paneer

Mattar paneer is a vegetarian north Indian dish consisting of peas and farmer's cheese in a tomato based sauce, spiced with garam masala.
$ 16.00

Cholle Chandani Chowk Ke

Famous wayside stalls recipe from old Delhi. Chickpea tossed with ginger, tomatoes, coriander simmered in bouquet garnish of cloves, cardamom & cinnamon flavoured with dried mango, pomegranate & roasted cumin.
$ 12.90

Aloo Gobi

Made with potatoes, cauliflower and a great blend of spices.
$ 16.90


Gilafi Dum Biryani

Diced leg of lamb/chicken cooked with aromatic spices & basmati rice baked under a flaky crust & served with raita.
$ 16.90

Subji Dhingri Biryani

Mushrooms and seasonal vegetables tossed with green herbs cooked with aromatic rice. Served with raita.
$ 14.90

Goat Biryani

Biryani is a marvellous creation of layers of perfectly cooked goat curry, beautiful rice and a fresh mix of tomato, herbs and chilli, all decorated with nuts and onion rings.
$ 17.90


Saade Chawal

(per person) Plain steamed rice with a touch of saffron.
$ 2.40

Peas Pulao

(per person) Rice stir fried with green peas.
$ 3.40

Jeera Rice

(per person) Rice cooked and flavoured with cumin seeds.
$ 2.90

Naan Bread

Saffron Naan

$ 4.00

Peshawari Naan

$ 4.00

Cheese Naan

$ 4.00

Pudina Naan

$ 4.00

Garlic Naan

$ 3.00

Plain Naan

$ 2.90


$ 2.90

Butter Naan

$ 4.00

Keema Naan

$ 4.50

Chicken Cheese Naan

$ 5.50

Laccha Paratha

$ 4.00

Cheese Garlic Naan

$ 4.50



Tomato, onion, cucumber, in lime juice.
$ 3.50


Yoghurt with cucumber ‘n’ roasted cumin.
$ 3.50

Tamarind Chutney

Delicious tamariouc saunth sweet and sour chutney.
$ 3.50

Mango Chutney

Sweet and tangy chutney combines fresh mangoes, apples, and sultanas with chopped onion and red chilli.
$ 3.50

Laccha Pyaaz

Thinly sliced onion rings tossed in mint & coriander with chaat masala.
$ 3.50

Subj Hariyali Salad

Green Salad.
$ 7.50

Assorted Pickles Platter

Lime Pickle, Chilli Pickle, Mango Pickle, Mixed Pickle & Garlic Pickle.
$ 8.50


Aam ki Kulfi

Egg free Indian style, mango ice cream.
$ 5.50

Pistachio Kulfi

Pistachio nuts ice cream.
$ 6.50

Gulab Jamun (3 pcs)

Cheese dumpling in sugar syrup.
$ 5.90

Icecream Faluda

Vanila ice cream served with soft noodles, a dash of rose syrup.
$ 7.90

Ras Malai (2 pcs)

Cottage cheese dumplings soaked in sweetened, thickened milk, flavoured with saffron.
$ 6.90

Gajar ka Halwa

Grated fresh carrots cooked in milk and ghee finished with fresh khowa and nuts.
$ 7.90

Double ka Meetha

A unique Hyderabadi Dessert made with bread, milk & dry fruits.
$ 6.90

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